Authlogics: Enhancing Security with New-Age Multi-Factor Authentication

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Steven Hope, CEO, Authlogics, Authlogics Steven Hope, CEO, Authlogics
Passwords have long beenused as the most significantlayer of security. However,these complex combinationsof numbers, symbols, and charactersare not infallible. As per a study, 61percent of cyber events during thepandemic resulted from passwordbreaches. This is why organizations arealways instructed to spew out uniquepasswords, remember, and changethem often to protect their systems andapplications. Unfortunately, the age-oldpassword policy compels employeesto juggle 200 passwords on average,making it impossible to rememberevery combination. As a result, insteadof resolving security issues, it onlycompounds the problem by increasing thelikelihood of them reusing the same poor,weak, or risky passwords across multipleorganizational applications, systems,and networks. This is where multi-factorauthentication (MFA) can play a significantrole in combating this tendency.

Adding another element like biometriccredentials, one-time passwords (OTP),codes, and cryptographic tokens overtraditional passwords can surely enhancean organization’s security posture. Butwhat if we take even MFA a notch higherby removing the password factor to makeit safer from risky password managementpractices and attack vectors? A companythat has pioneered in this field isAuthlogics.

Authlogics is a complete end-toendauthentication solution providerleading the user authentication marketwith its revolutionary passwordless anddevice-less authentication solution. Thecompany is also a global leader in reducingpassword complexities and ensuringcompliant authentications. “Most of ourcompetitors either offer only traditionalMFA or password management, whichcreates a major security gap for the endusers.It leaves client networks vulnerableto cyber threats like ransomware,phishing, password breaches, and so on,”says Steven Hope, CEO, Authlogics.

We eliminate the need for passwords altogether, promising customers a utopia where they no longer need to remember any credential

“Webridge this gap by bringing passwordsecurity management, passwordlessauthentication, and MFA technologiesunder one roof to provide clients with arobust, modernistic logon security.

”Organizations often try to “secure”all their passwords with complexity orclub another protection layer on topof passwords. Still, neither of these is adesirable option when viewed againstthe sophisticated cyber threat landscape.This is why Authlogics aims to revampthe old password policy that customerscommonly use. The company firstenables clients to audittheir credentialsagainstits 4 billion+ Password BreachDatabase and see if their passwords haveever been breached. This gets followedby the implementation of thePasswordSecurity Management solution thatcontinually monitors and manages newand old passwords. Finally, once MFA isdeployed passwords can be switchedoff to solve the problem once and for all.“We eliminate the need for passwordsaltogether, promising customers a utopiawhere they no longer need to rememberany credential,” adds Hope.

Ticking every box of customers’requirements, Authlogics has becomethe go-to partner when it comes totheir logonsecurity. Moving ahead, thecompany will launch a new versionfortheir products in early 2022, which willcome packed with the latest featureslike secure mobile push authentication,geolocation-based authentication,and dashboards to reflect the statusof dormant user accounts andauthentications. From a geographicalstandpoint, Authlogics plans to extend itsfootprint in the U.S. in 2022. “It’s essentialfor customers to comprehend what kindof future they can build by partneringwith a vendor or adopting a specifictechnology. The frequency of cyberthreats will only increase. As a result, weneed to be proactive instead of reactivein preventing threat actors from gettinginto the corporate networks the first timeitself. Being one of the early pioneersof passwordless authentication, we areready to help businesses in this journey,”concludes Hope.
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Steven Hope, CEO, Authlogics

Authlogics provides a complete, end-to-end authentication solution that is quick and easy to use. The company delivers customer-ready solutions that reduce the complexity of existing passwords, ensure regulatory compliance, remove risk and replace passwords, and provide passwordless and deviceless login options. From their unique password compliance solution (Password Security Management), through award-winning multi-factor authentication (MFA) technologies, to enabling users with a completely passwordless environment, Authlogics enhances network security whilst maintaining an easy and uniform user experience, whether on mobile, desktop, or cloud.