Top 10 Multifactor Authentication Solution Companies - 2018

Biometric Signature-ID: Advanced Biometrics for Foolproof Authentication

Jeff Maynard, CEO, President, & Founder, Biometric Signature IDJeff Maynard, CEO, President, & Founder
With rising instances of sophisticated cyberattacks, security measures such as two factor authentication and even encryption have proven to be inadequate. Emerging as an advanced security measure, behavioral biometrics can effectively combat cyberthreats. Going beyond voice, fingerprints, or facial recognition, behavioral biometrics analyzes multiple data and end-point interactions such as hand-eye coordination, hand radius, navigation, and other finger movement to generate a secret passcode to authenticate an individual. Spearheading behavioral metric innovation is Biometric Signature ID (BSI)—the Texas-based firm that strengthens user account security by leveraging behavioral patterns. “We use a patented form of dynamic biometrics called ‘gesture dynamics’ to validate the user during account login,” Jeff Maynard, CEO, President, and Founder of BSI.

Without requiring additional hardware, BSI’s all in one multi-factor authentication technology measures an individual’s unique biometric patterns during an account setup. Movement patterns including the length, angle, speed, height, number of strokes are recorded and a unique passcode is generated for every individual. Upon subsequent logins using a drawing area on any device, the newly generated pattern is matched with the one created during enrollment. If patterns match, the user is authenticated and the access rights are granted.

Alongside behavioral biometrics, BSI provides rich analytics allowing organizations from different industries, including Education, Healthcare and Finance, to zero in on suspicious users and effectively thwart malicious activity. The analytics report brings greater transparency, helping network administrators to spot even the smallest pattern deviation. “We see the combination of biometrics and behavior analytics as the future of online monitoring and identity management to check fraud,” highlights Maynard.
Since signatures/characters can vary marginally with time, BSI’s innovative technology has a learning module that adjusts the passcode based on the original user’s behavior periodically, without having the user to re-enroll.

We see the combination of biometrics and behavior analytics as the future of online monitoring and identity management to check fraud

In addition, BSI provides comprehensive forensic audit trails detailing time, location activity, history, and the ISP/IP address of a user that logs in anywhere in the world. Through continuous data mining, BSI develops risk scoring algorithms and acts as an early warning system to help security teams detect suspicious behavior before a hack or intrusion takes place. It also provides a report identifying individuals that accessed the documents, comparing the history of IP address, ISP’s, accuracy levels, password resets, what device they are using, which OS, and validation attempts, thereby revealing patterns pointing to fraud and atypical behaviors. This report serves as a base for generating real time notifications tailored to each client.

As a testimony to BSI’s proficiency in identifying customer’s unique challenges and acting upon it, Maynard elucidates that one of their clients, an academic institution suspected that students were cheating in their institution. Utilizing BSI’s combination of intuitive technology and forensics team, they found out that 45 out of 1000 students were cheating. After scrutinizing all the activity, BSI prepared a detailed report that provided the client insights about the fraud that empowered them to take necessary action against those individuals.

As the security challenges abound, the compliance mandates are getting even more stringent. This poses stiff challenge for enterprises. To this end, BSI complies with the necessary regulatory requirements, including the upcoming PCIDSS, PCD2, and the European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). These mandates, backed by stiff fines for non-compliance are designed to keep users safe by ensuring personal ID protection and instant authentication anytime, anywhere. BSI is also launching three new products to diversify their solutions portfolio. With an array of solutions to offer, the firm is rapidly expanding their base of 12M uses across 95 countries and has more than doubled in size the last year.