Daon: The Future of Identity is Continuity

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Conor White, President of the Americas , DaonConor White, President of the Americas
Digital identity is broken, says Conor White, President of the Americas.
White argues that identity, when it works, refers to something singular and unique. Who you are doesn’t change depending on where you are standing, or what you’re doing. And yet in the digital world, this is precisely how it feels.

The reason for this, explains White, is that most organizations treat their customer’s singular identity journey as a series of detached identity events, run on disconnected systems with one system for identity proofing, another for authentication in each digital channel, and others still for non-digital channels like contact centers or physical locations. And the gaps between these systems are a breeding ground for unnecessary friction, customer confusion, and crippling identity fraud. White notes that one cybersecurity firm estimates as much as 50% of all enterprise security risk stems from having these multiple vendors and systems.

To address this problem, many organizations take a “plug and pray” approach, adding an orchestration layer that sits atop their tangle of disjointed systems, transmitting data between them but never establishing a singular, unified view of the customer. This is a lot like treating the symptoms of an identity illness, says White, without addressing its root cause.

White’s company Daon has a better way something called “identity continuity.” In essence, it’s a platform-based approach to digital identity that delivers minimal friction, a seamless identity experience every time, in every channel, at every stage of the customer identity life cycle from initial verification and proofing to cross-channel authentication, account recovery, and beyond.

With all core identity systems running as one, Daon’s flagship IdentityX® Platform enables organizations to leverage identity continuity as a competitive advantage by making digital identity pathways easy, frictionless, and, more importantly, secure. "With our award-winning trust architectures, we’re enabling the next generation of digital identity through the power of continuity. Our platform renders a digital identity with a strong chain of trust with which organizations can deliver personalized and optimized identity experiences throughout the entire lifespan of the customer relationship," explains White.
With Daon's solution, organizations can digitally create identities and seamlessly authenticate them via almost any authentication type including biometrics such as face, voice, fingerprint, and behavior. Better yet by analyzing a customer's identity pattern over time, organizations can learn their behaviors and preferences and use that knowledge to make better risk-based decisions all while minimizing friction.

Our platform renders a strong chain of trust with which organizations can deliver personalized and optimized digital identity experiences to their customers throughout the entire lifespan of the customer relationship

"In effect, our solution delivers a single view of the customer across the enterprise, which allows businesses to make smart identity decisions. Our state-of-the-art machine learning allows you to very quickly localize and personalize how your systems interact with a customer and serve them with the least possible friction. This turns the digital identity paradigm on its head from being merely a defense against hackers to becoming a genuine enabler of better customer experiences," adds White. Some of the world's most trusted banks and organizations across several industryverticals are clients of Daon.

Repurposing their core technology, Daon also brought the VeriFLY® solution to the market. It serves as a digital wallet for COVID health credentials that both consumers and employees can easily use. It is an ideal solution for the healthcare, travel, and hospitality sector to seamlessly enable faster, real-time verification of user-health reports like proof of vaccine and test results. Today VeriFLY is the most popular app use by domestic and international travel companies like American Airlines, British Airways, Aer Lingus, Carnival Cruises Lines, and more.

Having carved its position as a leader in today’s digital identity space, many of the world's most trusted organizations across several verticals are clients of Daon. The IdentityX platform performs over 250 million authentications each day, Daon is looking ahead to meet the demands of decentralized Web 3.0 ecosystems.

“Daon wholeheartedly embraces the idea of users taking control of their identities, and we are applying the principles of identity continuity to the challenge of delivering trust, securely and privately, in both federated and self-sovereign identity scenarios,” adds White.“Continuity is the key to these and every other successful identity model because it’s the cornerstone of trust. Without a singular, unified identity experience for your customers, the real business-enabling benefits of digital identity can never be realized.”
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Conor White, President of the Americas

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