DirectRM: Safeguarding Transactions and Combating Cyber Attacks

Joseph Baggio, Founder and CTO, DirectRMJoseph Baggio, Founder and CTO
In the highly sophisticated technology-driven world that we live in, data breaches are becoming an everyday affair. It is essential to have mechanisms for safe and secure authentication to protect data and transactions. As cyber attacks are always a menace to any business, the need for better security is rising at an alarming rate. The security blanket for these problems is to equip the data and transactions with the appropriate security precautions. Obtaining a single integrated program in which all components are built is a long shot. However, DirectRM is a company which enables its clients to have a varied range of digital security solutions under the same umbrella, called Direct Authenticator.

DirectRM has become a key player in the domain of identity security protection and access management. The company was founded in 2010, after eight years of research and development. It was able to bring in path-breaking solutions for multiple disciplines like finance, education, healthcare, and much more. The firm initially focused on providing solutions for solving computer security concerns like authentication, identity, and theft. Today, multifactor authentication is a technology which is used by all the top firms across the globe. In a short period, it has proved to be one of the most successful methods to ensure security. DirectRM leverages this technology to provide multiple solutions under one roof.

Direct Authenticator—a complete security solution—is deployed with powerful 6A architecture, with special emphasis on two-factor authentication. Leveraging the efficiency of this robust solution, clients get the benefits of reduced time consumption, cost-effectiveness and seamless usability. It offers eight different access methods, which keeps the firm ahead of the pact.
As it is built in hair and fiber type forensic reporting, all the information is recorded in real-time. All the traces of each session are destroyed to prevent hacking and thefts of identity; the seed records are destroyed upon exit of each session. In addition to it, the solution has its own firewall with its unique set of access rules; this eliminates the chances of intrusion. This above military grade protection gives the hackers zero probability to enter the network. “DirectRM’s authentication solutions can easily be used on any device, anytime, across platforms. This distinct feature makes it a unique process for user authentication and denial-of-services for people that attempt to hack in,” says Joseph Baggio, Founder and CTO of DirectRM.

In the digital age, where PIN theft and ATM frauds are on the rise—the company’s ‘Physical Authentication Pin Pad Smart Card’ aids in securing the ATM transactions through multi-step authentication. The customer will have the provision to enter the PIN on the e-paper display embedded in the card, and the screen will also notify the user about the OTP required for a secure transaction.

The company extends its security solutions in the domain of cloud computing as well. The cloud-based SaaS tools are becoming popular, and there is a need to tighten the security measures to defend against cyber attacks. The firm provides multiple types of tokens to ensure cloud security. DirectRM is the only providers of the “Invisible Token” technology, and it has been defined as a ‘leading-edge third generation technology’ by Forrester Research.

The DirectRM team works tirelessly to bring the best quality solutions to its clients, leveraging a multi-factor authentication system. “Our company delivers webinars and training for clients; we evaluate their systems as well as offer them the opportunity to evaluate our solutions. We keep all the branches open so that customers can fully test all of our functionalities,” adds Baggio. DirectRM’s dedication and passion have helped earn trust among its users. The company intends to bring two new products into the market in 2019, the ‘All-in-One Card’ and the ‘cool X card’, which are embedded with advanced features to safeguard the transactions in cash and cryptocurrencies respectively— another game changer for the industry.
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Joseph Baggio, Founder and CTO

DirectRM is an authentication and access management solutions provider that offers top-notch security solutions leveraging the 6A architecture