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Joseph Baggio, Founder & CTO, DirectRM, Inc.Joseph Baggio, Founder & CTO
Work used to be defined as what you did when you were sitting at your desk, in the office, on a company issued device. Today, companies are shifting to allow greater flexibility for the dynamic work force. Whether it’s providing better work/life integration, allowing “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD), or enabling employees the ability to conduct business anytime, anywhere, and on any device, the need for secure, remote access to corporate systems is greater than ever. Not only does this flexibility attract and retain your employees but it can also enable work to be accomplished when dynamic, global conditions disrupt your workforce.

Annually, during the Chinese New Year, many Chinese return to their home cities in China to celebrate with friends and family. During this year’s celebration, with the corona virus outbreak, many Chinese find themselves unable to return to the cities where their “work” resides. That is where being able to provide Identity Access Management (IAM) with strong Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) from DirectRM can allow for setting up remote access from any where around the world. “Within a few minutes I was able to set up our programmers with corporate access through our Direct Authenticator utilizing our Invisible Cloud Token” says Joseph Baggio, Founder and CTO of DirectRM.

DirectRM has developed and introduced the World’s First, “Invisible Token.” The Invisible Token uses proprietary technology to deliver the industries only token-less solution that delivers proprietary 2FA security via the LAN, Web and Cloud while transforming the users’ browser to act as a virtual token. The Invisible Token addresses the 4 biggest concerns with company’s adopting 2-Factor Authentication: ease of deployment, convenience, security and cost.

DirectRM has deep expertise in many areas of business and commerce to assist with access management, identity protection and fraud. Their authentication methods adhere to DirectRM’s 6A architecture: Access, Authenticate, Authorize, Assess, Audit and Abolish. “Our employees now have access to our entire suite of products including our own ERP, CRM, Document Management System, as well as our ePython Voice and Video Collaboration tool” continues Baggio.

The company can also access its clients’ terminal services, outside the access point, with any smart device. This approach was considered impossible as it required a client. With their new technology, DirectRM can now enable their clients to access their terminal services through their smart devices. This is an essential achievement as companies are now slowly transitioning from PCs and laptops to smart device environments, requiring the ability to access their virtual desktop that contains their documents and emails. “The applications are nearly limitless.
Our invisible cloud token can be applied secure remote access for not only BYOD but for the Internet of Things (IoT), remote access, 2FA, along with emerging technologies like Mobile Edge Computing (MEC)” says Kevin Welsh, CEO of DirectRM.

Increasing threats be it physical or cyber has led various organizations to seek out more reliable and effective means of security. Although the implementation of 2FA in organizations is becoming more and more prevalent, consumers often find a little bit of a hassle behind it. For example, during online bank transactions, after first authenticating a user’s account number, they have to wait for an OTP provided to them via SMS. Time and again 2FA via SMS has proven to be quite unsafe as hackers can easily spook your phone number and intercept your text messages. That’s where DirectRM comes into the picture. The company’s All-in- One Card provides the functionality of 2FA in a simple one-step process and provides its users with network access, physical security, and other features.

The All-in-One Card will serve as the fastest and the most secure way of getting to data

The All-in-One Card comes with an e-paper display. One of the key components in the card is a Cool-X BitCard that can securely store cryptocurrencies. The BitCard can store cryptocurrency in DirectRM’s e-Safety Deposit Box that is highly secure. The box can be installed on-premise or using the company’s secure cloud platform. “The All-in- One Card will serve as the fastest and the most secure way of getting to data,” says Joseph Baggio, Founder, and CTO of DirectRM.

Together with the All-in-One Card, another unique service that DirectRM provides is order enrollment, an approach that gives security to multitudes of the customers of the company’s clients. In it, the company sets up a delivery/distribution server with the client’s data library (active directory or LDAP) over a secure port and IP address. Using that linkage, the enterprise can now enroll all users contained within the library into its console. The All-in-One Card can then be distributed through its server. Every user is assigned a serial number of a card and is identified with a synchronized OTP.”We believe that when our product comes out, we can show people and organizations that your cryptocurrency is not only safe but more usable today than ever,” says Welsh.

Along with continuance in R&D, DirectRM is planning to shift some of its focus towards sales and marketing in 2020. The company’s goal shall not only be to grow a more extensive customer base but also significantly increase top-line revenue and other financial areas. The company also plans to explore the potential of IoT and integrate it with its authentication technology as well as launch a mobile cryptocurrency payment app. Thus, the pace of innovations in DirectRM shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.
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DirectRM, Inc.

DirectRM, Inc.

Irvine, California

Joseph Baggio, Founder & CTO

DirectRM introduces a revolutionary way to host your critical business infrastructure by using the latest secured virtualization technology. Their suite of cloud offerings combines ultra-high performance with above Military Grade Cloud Security enabling you to now easily access all your sensitive data using any device as securely as if you were on your own private network. Both Mastercard and Visa rely on Direct Risk Management for the definitive security of its new cards