GoTrustID: Simple, Secure, Password-less Authentication

Darren Lee, Founder and CEO, GoTrustIDDarren Lee, Founder and CEO
According to a Microsoft estimate, people across the world collectively spend 1,300 work years in user authentication on a daily basis. An average person handles multiple devices in different places, and several password-protected accounts and applications, so the task of creating and remembering individual passwords and user IDs can become overwhelming. New rules and procedures are constantly being implemented to safeguard critical information, which makes the process even more complicated and cause people to look for the means to circumvent them. “Why not make authentication policies simpler to follow?” asks Darren Lee, founder and CEO of GoTrustID. This is precisely what GoTrustID intends to do— providing practical and user-friendly vigilant authentication security for all applications from computers to the cloud.

GoTrustID has brought in an era of password-free authentication by turning your phone into the universal key to access the daily digital world. “The phone is the perfect token for security as people are never parted from it,” Lee explains. While this one-factor authentication technique is highly popular, clients demanding additional security can opt for two-factor authentication (2FA) where the fingerprint or facial biometrics generated by the phone is utilized for further verification.

To offer a better user experience in a mixed work environment, GoTrustID’s latest product range, GoTrust ID, provides a Fast mode where customers can log into their computers over BLE by presenting their phone without biometric verification. Alternately, they can apply the Trust mode, where biometric verification is enabled on the phone before login. Once the customer has signed in, GoTrust ID can simulate the phone as a FIDO key to furnish 2FA for Google, Facebook, AWS, Twitter, GitHub, Dropbox, Salesforce, and other FIDO U2F enabled services in any browser on MacOS and Windows 10. “Using biometrics combined with the smartphone as the authentication token while communicating over BLE is the easiest way to ensure strong verification that users are happy to conform with,” he adds.

The combination of a GoTrustID enabled phone and badge style Idem card will allow our clients access any place and any device instantaneously

The usage of BLE between the phone and desktop, laptop or tablet cuts down on human involvement to deliver near military-grade authentication.

While the prime objective of GoTrustID is to offer FIPS-strength products, the company bypasses complex methods that require a high level of human interaction and finds practical, user-friendly solutions for its customers. GoTrustID has also developed a BLE/NFC, badge form factor card –the Idem card. It is based on standards that integrate into FIDO and Microsoft ecosystems immediately. The Idem card, an ISO 7816 standard smart card capable of Bluetooth/ NFC functions, proves beneficial when the phone needs to function as a secure terminal by validating the customer to the cloud application being run on his phone.

The password-less authentication solution provided by GoTrustID became an asset to a major bank in East Asia. The bank had previously applied the traditional ID/Password login technique for mobile banking with SMS OTP as the second factor to validate money transfer during sensitive transactions. Following the deployment of the FIDO-based password-less solution, the mobile banking login increased by 200 percent while phone money transfers increased by a staggering 300 percent, which reflects the efficiency of GoTrustID. From January this year, Acer computers preinstalled GoTrustID. This trend is continuing and nearly 40 percent of all new laptop users globally will see the GoTrust password-less solution deployed in their computers by the end of the year. GoTrustID has consistently been first with unique Phone security solutions including your phone as the universal digital key and patented its technologies creating an outstanding opportunity to offer unparalleled authentication solutions.

GoTrustID is working with a partner and is also developing an Idem card SDK that together will allow seamless integration into every physical and logical access system. “The combination of a GoTrustID enabled phone and badge style Idem card will allow our clients access any place and any device instantaneously,” concludes Lee.
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Darren Lee, Founder and CEO

Enables password-free phone based user authentication from the computer to the cloud