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HID Global: Powering Trusted Identities

Pan Kamal, VP of Product Marketing, HID GlobalPan Kamal, VP of Product Marketing
As more and more company digital resources reside outside the corporate network, the security discipline of identity and access management (IAM) has become imperative to allow the right person to access the digital assets at the right time and for the right reasons.

Here’s a scenario: An enterprise customer headquartered in Silicon Valley in the United States has 12 different offices around the globe. Many such enterprises have a regional physical access manager operating for every site to enroll members in a batch while entering the company. A person who is from Europe is enrolled by the person sitting in the U.K.; however, if the same person is traveling to the U.S., they need a building manager from the U.S. to provide them with access, which is a time-consuming process. Similarly, a person having access to digital assets in Austria is denied logical access while working from any other site of the same office. In such a scenario, the experience for a user is frustration and wasted time.

Solving such riddles for a plethora of clients across various industries like healthcare, education, and financial services, is HID Global, a provider of trusted identity solutions. In essence, the company leverages physical and logical security convergence as well as multi-factor authentication (MFA) to create ‘a layer on the top’ that provides employees with one source of identity pushed into all of those systems, for hassle-free access. Proving its mettle as a pioneer in securing physical access, the firm is the leading provider of electronic access control solutions for people throughout the organization.

“We offer end-to-end physical identity management solutions that help in verifying millions of identities every day,” emphasizes Pan Kamal, VP of Product Marketing, HID Global. “Having a very significant position in the identity and access management space, over 14 Million identities are being managed with our solutions for over 28 Million users.”

The firm’s involvement in protecting over 6 billion payment transactions resulted from the amalgamation of a number of different product lines, like the acquisition of IdenTrust, a major certificate authority. Through this acquisition, HID Global has their own certification authorities for issuing digital certificates using digital Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for globally interoperable digital identities, and certificate lifecycle management via a high-assurance credential management system. “Also, enterprises can provide employees and contractors with digital certificates from our certificate authority that are trusted by most PC and mobile operating systems, applications and web browsers ensuring that their digital identity will be automatically recognized, while they carry out business with other organizations,” explains Kamal. “Our MFA, tokens, and credentials secure people and data by requiring a combination of something they have, something they know and something they are.”
Martin Ladstaetter, VP, Product Management, HID GlobalMartin Ladstaetter, VP, Product Management
MFA helps improve and secure core business processes through use of digital signing capability, secure email and data encryption, allowing customers to do business transactions with complete confidence.

On the other hand, HID Global’s ActivID mobile solutions like HID Approve provide an easy, proven, robust authentication for employees accessing corporate IT systems remotely and consumers logging on to online services, without the need to distribute hardware tokens. “A user who wants to access a protected resource, such as a VPN, runs a dedicated mobile app to easily access data with just a swipe on the screen or to generate an OTP token for out of band access,” explains Martin Ladstaetter, VP, Product Management at HID Global. Furthermore, the company’s Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provide real-time location awareness of a workforce for better building management, and instantaneous asset tracking and equipment condition monitoring to increase operational efficiency throughout an organization.

Our Multi-factor authentication (MFA) secures people and data by requiring a combination of something they have, something they know and something they are

In an instance, HID Global assisted Nemours Hospital; a children-focused health system as their existing paper-based prescribing solution was extremely inconvenient for physicians and created a negative patient experience by increasing pharmacy wait times. Hence, they wanted a convenient, Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)-compliant and government certified solution that empowers them to attach a digital certificate for identity authentication and could send prescriptions at any time, from any place to the local pharmacy. With HID Global, Nemours has reported significant improvements in physicians’ prescribing experience now that they can quickly and simply authenticate to a system for writing online narcotic prescriptions, in full regulatory compliance, for each authorized prescriber.

HID Global points out that there is a significant increase in customer deployments of its broad mobility solutions and has a strong pipeline of future customer installations in the works to make verification of identities optimized for mobile applications. “With a lot of people moving to cloud, our focus for the future go-to-market will be centered on enabling the broader set of mobile solutions in the market with the expansion of IoT aspect into our identity management portfolio,” concludes Ladstaetter.

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