Key Source International: Pioneering Devices for Securing the Desktop and Preventing the Spread of Germs

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Deanne VanKirk, National Sales Manager, Key Source InternationalDeanne VanKirk, National Sales Manager
Prudent security professionals agree that username and password entry is no longer an adequate means of securing the desktop. Deanne VanKirk, National Sales Manager for Key Source International (KSI) in California, concurs. “The password era is coming to an end. Secure and irrefutable logon using biometrics and RFID is becoming the norm to authenticate users and access data across all business segments."

Frequent incidents of data loss resulting in fines now dictate that companies incorporate Multi-Factor Access in to their networks, a trend KSI leadership saw coming long ago when building its business model to sell desktop security devices to the $3 trillion healthcare market. With a focus on end user convenience and ease of use, the technology company manufactures HIPAA-compliant peripherals – keyboards and security pods – that protect consumer data and provide infection control monitoring at the desktop. KSI products are tailor made for healthcare clinicians but also aptly service banking, government, and retail.

A KSI keyboard integrates no less than four protective, mix-and-match options into one device, routed through a single USB: fingerprint biometrics, contactless RFID card reader technology, sonar walk-away presence detection, and a software-driven keyboard cleaning system that controls infection at the clinical desktop. Further, with zero and thin client ports at a premium, KSI accommodates employers with single port convenience, government compliance, and seamless integration with leading Single Sign-On (SSO) security software – all in one compact device. As more and more hospitals and pharmacies adhere to standards that govern the dispensation of drugs in an effort to curb abuse, KSI’s ePrescribe-ready products with integrated security features offer the ultimate end user accountability available to administrators today – multi-factor authentication.

The password era is coming to an end

The award-winning LinkSmart® keyboard cleaning button with San-a-Key® software is the company’s answer to controlling infection at hospital desktops and mobile carts. A press of the patented button disables keys for quick disinfection, aiding in the prevention of hospital-acquired infections and ultimately helping to save patient lives. San-a-Key® prompts, guides, and documents end user cleaning on an enterprise-wide basis, helping to identify infection-related trends and where lack of keyboard cleaning has occurred.

If four functions in one device weren’t enough, the company now includes passive Bluetooth as an option in its keyboards and pods, enabling end user compatibility with Imprivata® ConfirmID that authenticates via mobile device and reduces the need to enter passwords throughout the day.

At the core of KSI technology is the keyboard itself. Efficiencies presented by mix-and-match component options do little for a keyboard offering an abysmal typing experience. The company has taken great pains to design ergonomically-correct keyboards that provide a natural tactile feel – with easy-press, low-profile keys to accelerate data entry and increase workflow.

Now in its 40th year – on a journey that began with the manufacture of the first key caps for Apple, Hewlett Packard, Atari, and other Silicon Valley giants – KSI continues to exceed expectations by listening to the needs of customers, providing memorable service to end users around the world, and working with its many technology partners to bring state-of-the-art security products to market.

According to Ms. VanKirk, “With so much at stake – money, time, consumer privacy, organizational reputation – this is no time for any entity to remain complacent about desktop security.” This is particularly true when Key Source International stands at the ready to engage every IT professional seeking a safeguarded network, reduction of internal threats, and improved user experience.
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Deanne VanKirk, National Sales Manager

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