nVIAsoft: A Revolutionary Multifactor Biometric Security Solution

Bernard Garcia, Founder and CEO, nVIAsoftBernard Garcia, Founder and CEO
“In this generation of data security, the password is our weakest link—it can be easily hacked, even when a physical key is added,” begins Bernard Garcia, Founder and CEO of nVIAsoft Corporation. This understanding forced the Cybersecurity and Identity Access Management (IAM) market leaders to find new means of securing identities. As the novelty of carrying a physical access card faded, the face of the IAM market has altered with the use of biometrics. Fingerprints, palm prints, voice or facial recognition, or iris or retina scans as a means of identifying individuals became commonplace over time until the drawbacks and loopholes of these methods began to emerge. Individual privacy is often breached with the use of facial recognition technology in public areas, and fingerprints or palm prints that could be collected from devices used by an individual. On realizing that the existing biometric security was insufficient, nVIAsoft entered the market with an innovative multimodal contactless hand biometric solution that promised to be more effective than previous existing solutions.

With a motto of bringing “Biometric Security in Your Very Hand,” and with the goal to become biometric authentication standard, nVIAsoft, as secure identity provider, has developed a biometric solution that uses multi-modal pattern recognition of the entire hand to create a unique biometric and pure digital identity. The non-invasive, highly accurate identity verification technology uses a touch-less sensor to identify the unique pattern of veins on an individual’s hand. The much larger number of reference points spread across a hand makes the nVIAsoft solution more accurate than any other players in the market. “Our sensors authenticate a person on the basis of live blood flow in their veins, making it essential for a person to be physically present for security clearance,” emphasizes Garcia. Created with the mobile model of the hand in mind, nVIAsoft’s patented authentication solution traces the biometric pattern from veins across fingers, palm, and other modalities comprising the hand.

The all-in-one nVIAsoft solution provides a pure, unique digital ID, connecting users to essential data or applications. “Even if a hacker steals this digital ID, it cannot be used to reveal protected personal information,” Garcia mentions.

World’s first contactless biometric in your very hand

The SaaS and DBaaS (cloud-based) solution enables users to log into any solution using the hand as an access key.

nVIAsoft’s patented proprietary database serves as an authentication gateway for its users and authorizes them to carry out transactions to various applications in the cloud or grants access to restricted areas only if the individuals’ hand is enrolled in the database (nVIAOne). This aspect of the nVIAsoft multifactor authentication solution proved useful to an organization previously unable to impose restrictions on the people entering its controlled premises because of flawed passwords, digital keys and smart cards that can be stolen. Garcia added “You can forget your key fobs, your cellphone and even password, but you cannot forget your hand.” When nVIAsoft’s biometric solution implemented sensors, it became possible to identify the people entering or leaving the building and restrict unauthorized access. As an added level of security, the solution made it impossible for people to punch-in access cards for co-workers without their physical presence and allowed the employers to have the most accurate time and attendance per employee for payroll processing. For all other application that requires security authentication, nVIAsoft’s solution is the fastest, most secure, accurate, and hygienic - as it is contactless. This multimodal biometric is the safest as it does not collect sensitive information.

With humble beginnings, nVIAsoft has evolved addressing public data in various sectors like education, finance, and government organizations that require dynamic authentication for Cybersecurity and IAM systems. Eventually, the biometric sensors can be connected to multiple software at homes, schools, offices, banks and the like. The company also aims to negate the need for keys and access codes alarm-based systems and provide temporary codes to people requiring access for a brief period. As the company looks for ways to miniaturize its sensors, nVIAsoft’s biometric solution may soon become an indispensable part of everyday life.
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Bernard Garcia, Founder and CEO

Startup business providing identity security systems using biometrics offers the most secure methodology to protect individual identity