SECUVE: Enhancing MFA with Behavioral Handwritten Signature Authentication

Ki-Yoong Hong, President & CEO, SECUVEKi-Yoong Hong, President & CEO
The recent times have witnessed a growing demand for biometric technologies—amongst security and IAM solution providers—owing to their capabilities to augment user authentication approaches. Converging various biometric and/as well as embedding the hybrids within multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions has proven to be a robust security assurance measure. With their purpose-built, easy to deploy, and cost effective solutions offerings, SECUVE is helping enterprises across a wide range of industry verticals to adopt this promising trend readily. Ki-Yoong Hong, the President & CEO of SECUVE, says “Our goal is to apply our behavioral handwritten signature authentication to various industries and promote its uniqueness and excellence as one of the most promising behavioral biometrics technologies.”

Established in 2000, SECUVE has dominated the Korean information security market by bringing to the table, the System Access Control & Intrusion Prevention solution (SECUVE TOS), and Identity and Access Management solution, iGRIFFIN. Their strong presence and performance in the South Korean market has enabled them to be positioned in the prestigious KOSDAQ listing. The company has focused on developing innovative technologies to expand its solutions portfolio from system security to mobile authentication, biometrics, while simultaneously widening its business footprint.

SECUVE’s iGRIFFIN helps manage the accounts and privileges of large-scale systems, and control suspicious user behaviors and dangerous commands by verifying the identities of users with MFA. Knowing the identity of each user who has accessed an account enables clients to monitor user activities, control commands, and delegate privileges, and in turn, achieve compliance requirements. iGRIFFIN can be deployed on-premise, cloud, or on virtualized environments. In addition, the offering provides the ability to compare and trace current and past security policies and log data.

Our goal is to apply our behavioral handwritten signature authentication to various industries and promote its uniqueness and excellence as one of the most promising behavioral biometrics technologies

This feature fosters reactive cause-analysis and incident response. Hong says, “iGRIFFIN enables our clients to manage compliance risk and achieve a high level of security with the various features including account lifecycle management.

The other prong, SECUVE’s SecuSign is a cutting-edge biometrics technology that authenticates a user by analyzing the behavioral characteristics of their handwritten signature. It can as well be perfectly integrated with other types of biometrics, such as fingerprint, face, and iris, which makes it more secure than the traditional signature verification methods. The offering can identify and analyze segments and sub-segments of a handwritten signature based on disjointed segments, time-division, and space division. It can extract more sophisticated and extended biometric factors from static and behavioral characteristics for an in-depth analysis of an individual’s behavior. By leveraging deep learning based matching analysis technology, SecuSign ultimately delivers an authentication technology that is more robust than typical signature verification tools.

Hong mentions about a South Korean government agency that has incorporated SecuSign into their MFA system and found that it achieved the goals of improving the ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and security.

Over the last nineteen years, SECUVE indeed carved a unique niche for itself and strives to expand the business by entering overseas markets including Japan and the U.S. “In such a highly digitalized and hyper-connected society, identity theft, and fraud are the fastest growing types of cybersecurity threats in the world, so it is more important than ever to ensure an individual’s identity in a secure and effective way. We look forward to helping more clients around the world enhance security and comply with regulations by applying our solutions, iGRIFFIN, and SecuSign,” concludes Hong.
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Ki-Yoong Hong, President & CEO

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