Singular Key: Taking Complexity Out of Modern Authentication

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Jatin Maniar, CEO, Singular KeyJatin Maniar, CEO
Recent developments in Web AuthN standards, security and privacy regulations, popularity of biometric authentications such as facial recognition, voice, fingerprint, and others have finally put passwords and legacy methods like SMS, KBA on the path to be obsolete in the coming years. However, with such varied security options available today, how does one deploy the most appropriate authentication technique for a specific digital device without complicating the customer experience and existing security mechanism? Silicon Valley-based Singular Key answers this question through its FIDO-certified passwordless multifactor authentication (MFA) platform that allows businesses to use modern authentications and make it easy to use, deploy, and scale without collecting any PII like users biometrics, device data, and private keys. “We understand that every enterprise needs a robust, unified, cost-effective, and future-proof platform to secure user and device access in a hyper-connected increasingly zero-trust environment. We partner with them to eliminate the complexity associated with modernizing authentication experience across multiple applications and use cases,” says Jatin Maniar, CEO of Singular Key.

Singular Key’s cloud based platform, along with server, APIs, Widgets, SDKs (Software Development Kit) enable organizations to easily integrate, customize, and deploy strong MFA for their web, mobile and other applications. Singular Key is an identity-neutral solution. To begin with the implementation, the developers sign up to get API keys, configure user interaction, branding experience and setup risk-appropriate authentication policy. Next they integrate the Singular Key MFA cloud service to their current applications with few lines of code leveraging widgets and sample code. For more granular control and customized implementations, developers can choose to integrate directly with Singular Key’s various REST-based APIs.
Singular Key’s MFA platform works as a unified solution that supports use cases wherein varied authenticators are needed to protect an application used by several internal and external users. “Our clients can also choose security options such as Windows Hello, TouchID, Phone, and USB-based security keys,” adds Maniar.

Singular Key eliminates scalable phishing attacks, account takeover fraud and delivers trust and confidence in people, devices and transactions in an zero-trust enterprise environment

The Singular Key team believes that if identity is the perimeter, authentication is the next-generation firewall. “By using our passwordless multifactor authentication services, we empower clients to focus more on user experience and authentication policies set up by government bodies and less on the complexity of choosing an authenticator. This allows them to address issues that are pivotal for their businesses’ growth,” mentions Maniar.

Recently, Singular Key partnered with a client operating in the healthcare sector to help them secure their data. The healthcare firm was developing a collaborative mobile application to facilitate seamless interaction between patients and healthcare providers. They were looking for a strong authentication method to safeguard patients’ and medical practitioners’ data, and also comply with the rules and regulations of the healthcare industry. Singular Key helped the client by embedding its SDK in their mobile device and developing a strong security posture by opting for strong authenticators. The client is now working on deploying authentication for web application and USB security keys.

Over the past year, Singular Key has assisted many such businesses in safeguarding their applications, establishing itself as a reliable partner in the security landscape. The firm continues to collaborate with new clients and partner with IT giants such as Microsoft and Google to enhance its capabilities. Going forward, Singular Key aspires to completely eliminate the complexities involved in choosing and deploying multifactor authentication services and establish trust in a zero-trust enterprise environment with the next-generation identity firewall.
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Singular Key

Singular Key

Cupertino, CA

Jatin Maniar, CEO

Singular Key offers passwordless multifactor authentication solutions for mobile, web, and other applications for securing access in a zero-trust business environment