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Top 10 Multifactor Authentication Solution Companies - 2019

In today’s digitally interconnected realm surrounded by IoT devices, the need for combating cybercrime in every device has become mandatory. All interactions, business-oriented or individual, are mostly carried out over the internet. As such, data security becomes a major priority for organizations around the world. Authentication is a core element pillaring any security infrastructure and a password-based authentication is not enough in providing the high level of data security that is required.

In this light, several enterprises offer a plethora of solutions and services to take security a notch higher than its existing state. Multi-factor authentication is one of the favorites of service providers to secure data and clients’ information from traditional hacking network. The solutions encompass several methods of enforcing authentication by offering several platforms for fingerprint scanning from smartphones, voice analysis, and other unique users’ characteristics. The constantly evolving AI platforms also prove to be revolutionary in the sphere of internet security, which, along with human engineers, help identify impending cyber attacks and curb them at the earliest. Enterprises that act as mediators between security software providers and clients help mitigate effective strategies to prevent any breach of security in their technical architecture.

To help businesses in selecting promising multi-factor authentication solutions, a distinguished panel of prominent CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts, along with Enterprise Security Magazine editorial board has shortlisted companies offering ground-breaking security solutions in multi-factor authentication. This listing gives a comprehensive understanding of solutions and consulting services that can be implemented to optimize your business process.

We present to you "Top 10 Multifactor Authentication Solution Providers - 2019."

    Top Multifactor Authentication Solution Companies

  • Provides a unique user-centric authentication solution that offers the ability to prevent unauthorized usage of accounts and personal information

  • DirectRM is an authentication and access management solutions provider that offers top-notch security solutions leveraging the 6A architecture

  • Enables password-free phone based user authentication from the computer to the cloud

  • Provider of disinfectable, government compliant secure logon devices for healthcare

  • Startup business providing identity security systems using biometrics offers the most secure methodology to protect individual identity

  • RSA is a recognized industry leader in the cybersecurity and risk -management arena, and develops the most outstanding, robust, and customizable business-driven security solutions

  • Provides robust solutions pertaining to MFA and biometrics that center around security assurance, and IAM

  • Singular Key offers passwordless multifactor authentication solutions for mobile, web, and other applications for securing access in a zero-trust business environment

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  • Averon


    Averon's technology is the new gold standard for digital identity - the easiest, fastest and most secure verification solution for users on both WiFi and LTE

  • ShareSafe Solutions

    ShareSafe Solutions

    Provides innovative HIPAA-secure, private cloud-based software that focuses on four essential elements needed to transform the performance of an organization