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Top 10 Multifactor Authentication Solution Companies - 2020

Connectivity is a boon, but it doesn’t take a lot to turn this boon into bane. Be it the storage of customer data, bank account information, social security numbers or keeping up internal operations, the majority of a company’s operations today are performed online.

One direct consequence of this is the resulting vulnerability from security threat. Cybercrime has increased exponentially and simple password based security is just not doing it anymore, incurring a substantial amount of loss to most of companies. Data breaches have led companies to violate their customers’ trust, resulting in permanent data loss (for both employees and customers), and has led to complete system breakdown. All of these cyber attacks have proved that the password is no longer an effective solution.

In addition to that, the advancements in remote access enabled employees to work from far away locations. But then it created more touchpoints that are loose ends vulnerable to cyber attacks. The cybercrimes today are so advanced that a single nook of the entirely secure system would take the best-protected system down. Remote access, on the other hand, demands a highly secure network, which is nearly impossible to be attained, especially when the systems are accessed through unknown networks. This has prompted users to develop more robust solutions, and the result is Multifactor Authentication.

Multifactor Authentication has three predominant factors: Knowledge factor– Something the user knows, essentially a code or a pattern created by the user. Possession factor– Something the user has, such as a smart card, magnetic stripe card, one-time SMS code, or hardware key fob. Inherence factor—Something the user is, using technology, user identity is confirmed by validating their fingerprint, voiceprint, iris, or other unique physical feature. The authenticated user gets access only when all the factors are satisfied. Based on the statistics by Gartner, the adoption of Multifactor Authentication is expected to increase from 10 percent to over 70 percent by 2024, a mirror that reflects how important MAF is in upcoming years.

Though it is one of the most effective security solutions today, it cannot be considered a silver bullet for all future attacks. The system has loopholes where phishing and modification of hardware devices is still possible which could cause potential attacks. Many solution providers of the sector are bringing up innovative factors that are more foolproof as they provide extra layers of security, banning the use of weak passwords and blocking legacy authentication.

To identify the best of Multi-factor Authentication solution providers, a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts, and the Enterprise Security magazine editorial panel have reviewed the most promising Multifactor Authentication Solution Providers.

We present to you Enterprise Security magazine's "Top 10 Multifactor Authentication Solution Providers-2020."

    Top Multifactor Authentication Solution Companies

  • DirectRM introduces a revolutionary way to host your critical business infrastructure by using the latest secured virtualization technology. Their suite of cloud offerings combines ultra-high performance with above Military Grade Cloud Security enabling you to now easily access all your sensitive data using any device as securely as if you were on your own private network. Both Mastercard and Visa rely on Direct Risk Management for the definitive security of its new cards

  • Fortior Solutions is one of the largest and the most effective security and identity and access management solution providers in the U.S. The company provides a wide range of identity management and credentialing solutions, which include their PIV-I support suite provided through the company’s RAPIDGate® program—consisting of RAPIDGate and RAPIDGate-Premier—along with the RAPID-RCx® program for multi-credential support, and through the company’s Fortior PIV-I™ program. Fortior provides a comprehensive, high-assurance identity management solution that is cost-effective, easy to implement, military-proven, and is trusted by some of the most security-conscious organizations in the U.S

  • They are a startup business providing security systems using the revolutionary biometric to offer the most secure methodology to protect individual identity. Their solution is aimed to replace the vulnerable passwords, key fobs, and a smart card that contains personal and sensitive information. The product is complementary and the best alternative to current and existing biometric types in the market. nVIAsoft's innovation, multi-modal technology is the world's first total contactless hand biometric solution that generates the most unique ID and secures authentication

  • SecureAuth provides the most flexible and adaptable identity and access management solution to secure all workforce and customer identities everywhere: hybrid, on-prem, and cloud. Leading organizations use the SecureAuth® Identity Platform to secure access for everyone and everything that connects to their business. SecureAuth helps reduce threat surface, enable user adoption and meet business demands by delivering a frictionless user experience that drives engagement and productivity

  • Founded in 2000, SECUVE is a leading information security company. They provide a wide range of solutions and services to help our customers worldwide to protect their systems and valuable assets from various cyber security attacks and threats. The company deliver unique and intelligent solutions ranging from information security including Server Access Control, Identity & Access Management to Mobile & Fintech security such as mobile authentication, payment gateway platform, and biometrics. They are growing rapidly in the global market by continuous innovation and technology development

  • Singular Key offers reimagined, frictionless, and adaptive user journey orchestration through its cloud-native platform and authentication hub. As a reliable multi-factor authentication service provider, the company enables clients to offer their customers the flexibility to use modern authenticators, like Windows Hello, Biometrics, or Security Keys for frictionless connections, engagements, and transactions over the internet. With the company’s FIDO certified authentication service and other 3rd party authenticators, clients can enable strong authentication to improve security and overall user experience

  • SurePassID has revolutionized the space through its groundbreaking authentication solutions for the cloud, on-premises systems, edge computing, and IoT devices SurePassID offers a broad spectrum of multi-factor authentication solutions that seamlessly integrate with any network, service, or app to secure access to any application or device, by any authorized user, at any time. SurePassID is working closely with chip manufacturers, Cloud and IoT partners such as NXP, Azure IoT and AWS IoT, to quickly enable IoT product and software developers to embed strong authentication into the design phase of their IoT projects

  • Aware, Inc.

    Aware, Inc.

    Aware software has been used in hundreds of deployments and is in daily operation on many thousands of workstations, servers, and mobile devices globally. Their modular software products include SDKs and subsystems that enable fingerprint, face, and iris recognition and mobile authentication solutions: SDKs, controls and applets; user interface applications for biometric enrollment and forensic analysis; SDKs for fingerprint, face, and iris recognition and authentication; a name matching and identity resolution SDK; a biometric services platform; and an automated biometric identification system (ABIS)

  • HID Global

    HID Global

    Every day millions of people in more than 100 countries use HID Global products and services to securely access physical and digital places. Over 2 billion things that need to be identified, verified and tracked are connected through HID’s technology. They work with governments, universities, hospitals, financial institutions and some of the most innovative companies on the planet—helping them to create trusted physical and digital environments so that they and the people who use them can fulfill their potential

  • Veridium


    Veridium's software can reduce or eliminate identity as a major attack vector, by replacing the vulnerable password with biometric authentication. Powered by an unmatched legacy of biometrics R&D, Veridium solutions will increase your company's security, reduce fraud and cut the costs associated with passwords and tokens. Passwords are flawed. That’s why Veridium has assembled an all-star team of developers and computer scientists with a singular mission: eliminate passwords completely. Instead, your face, fingerprints, and voice are the prefered passwords