Top 10 Multifactor Authentication Solution Providers 2018

With cybercrime showing no signs of slowing down, it’s time for organizations to strengthen their multi-level of defense. In this digital era, enterprises are inundated with security aspects while they are working on cloud migrations, an influx of the customer’s own devices, and other trends. This confluence of new technologies is set to help businesses move away from password-based authentication towards a more-secure, less-invasive approach that relies heavily on behavioral monitoring and a range of inputs from smartphones and other devices.

Further, unified platforms are penetrating the global multi-factor authentication market to reduce the cost involved in maintaining separate platforms and modules for scanning fingerprints from smartphones (biometrics), voice analysis or deriving metrics from monitoring of mouse movements, and other distinctive user characteristics. In addition, security-driven Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms are also making a huge impact on cybersecurity space and it’s also a revolutionary idea in the world of internet security today. The edge that AI has is that it is constantly learning and working alongside with human engineers to predict a cyber-attack before it actually happens, thereby preventing it at the earliest.

While security is an integral aspect when it comes to business, the fight for data security and privacy continues; the longer it goes on, the more the organization’s demand for standard security grows. Truly, now is the right time for enterprises to consider using multi-factor authentication for their business. To help CIOs zero in on the right fit, multi-factor authentication solution for their organizations, Enterprise Security Magazine presents the “Top 10 Multifactor Authentication Solution Providers 2018.”

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
Aware A global provider of biometrics software and solutions
Biometric Signature ID Strengthens user account security by easily integrating 4 character passwords created in seconds using gesture-based biometrics for identity authentication on mobile devices and online
Crossmatch Crossmatch’s security solutions provide the optimal set of multifactor authentication factors that cater to today’s unique risk requirements
Crysp Offers smart authentication solutions to improve security while enhancing customer experience
HID Global Provider of identity and access management solutions to a wide range of industries
Ping Identity Provides cybersecurity for borderless enterprises, a federated identity management platform, and API security for partners and employees
RSA Security RSA Security a networking security creates the public key infrastructure (PKI) encryption standards to enhance internet communication's security
SecurEnvoy A leading provider of multifactor authentication (MFA) solutions that utilize users’ mobile phones or other personal devices for authentication
ShareSafe VORTEX ShareSafe’s Vortex Platform, with ‘plug and use’ multifactor authentication, knits through all systems across a physician’s workflow
Uniken With its REL-ID platform, Uniken enables organizations to deliver safe, simple, and scalable digital experiences to its customers